Monster 797
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Turn Up The Fun – Monster 797

The new Monster 797 finally brings the iconic Monster spirit and Ducati values within everyone’s reach. Sporty, compact, essential but also sophisticated and contemporary, the Monster 797 provides a gateway to the Ducati world, for those looking for an easy, intuitive ride as well as sheer sports enjoyment.


Every element has been very carefully designed and executed to fully express the Monster spirit. The riding position, chassis and 75 hp Desmodue twin-cylinder engine instil confidence right from the first miles. The Monster 797 is the ideal bike for those seeking carefree enjoyment, on any road and in any situation.


Sporty and compact
The design of the Monster 797, elegant and muscular, perfectly integrates the wide handlebar, tank, trellis frame, engine and double-sided swingarm. An agile and dynamic line that transmits sportiness and instils confidence right from first glance: a compact, sports design that is unmistakeably Monster.

Essential and sophisticated
The clean, slim line of the Monster 797 enhances those designer elements that are in fact structural components, such as the trellis frame created as one single piece. An essential but sophisticated bike, where every element expresses a high level of stylistic and technical research while retaining a freshness that makes it easy for anyone to ride.

A sport bike for all
The Monster 797 is perfect for those approaching motorcycling and the world of Ducati for the first time but also ensures fantastic riding enjoyment, even for the most expert of riders.

Versatile on any terrain
The Monster 797 chassis is designed to ensure maximum ease of riding. Compact dimensions, a low and narrow seat, a wide handlebar and reduced weight make it agile in city traffic and sporty on out-of-town roads.

An enjoyable, gutsy engine
The Desmodue twin, with 75 hp and 7 kgm of torque, ensures riding enjoyment in maximum safety. The constant, fluid torque curve immediately instils confidence without creating any difficulty. Carefree fun is guaranteed!

The pleasure of sports riding.

The Desmodue twin
The Desmodue twin unleashes 75 hp hp and 7kgm of torque, with 90% of the maximum power available between 4000 and 8500 revs: an engine that is always ready to satisfy a rider’s need for power, allowing him/her to enjoy the turns without having to rely too much on the gears.

A taste for twists and turns
The integrated trellis frame, just like the first Monster, together with the chassis with short wheelbase ensure great manoeuvrability and agility. Expert riders will appreciate the handling and the ease with which it changes direction: corner entry speed is always a pleasure.

The Monster 797 is available in three huge colours: Star White Silk, with red frame and wheels, the classic Ducati Red, with black frame and wheels and smart Dark Stealth with black frame and wheels. Available also in Plus version, equipped with passenger seat cover and windshield.

Technical specification


L-Twin cylinder, 2 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, air cooled
803 cc (49 cu in)
Bore x Stroke
88 x 66 mm (3.46 x 2.60 in)
Compression ratio
55 kW (75 hp) @ 8,250 rpm
68.9 Nm (50.8 lb-ft) @ 5,750 rpm
The power values indicated above are measured using a chassis dynamometer. Homologated power data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document, are measured using an engine dynamometer according to the homologation regulation. The two power values may differ because of the different measurement equipments.
Fuel injection
Electronic fuel injection system, 50 mm throttle bodies
2-1 system with catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes, single stainless steel muffler with aluminium cover



6 speed
Primary drive
Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.85:1
1=32/13 2=30/18 3=28/21 4=26/23 5=22/22 6=24/26
Final drive
Chain; Front sprocket Z15; Rear sprocket Z46
APTC wet multiplate clutch with mechanical control


Tubular steel Trellis frame
Front suspension
43 mm Kayaba USD fork
Front wheel
10-spoke light alloy, 3.50″ x 17″
Front Tyre
Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 120/70 ZR17
Rear suspension
Sachs monoshock, pre-load and rebound adjustable
Rear wheel
10-spoke light alloy, 5.50″ x 17″
Rear tyre
Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 180/55 ZR17
Front wheel travel
130 mm (5.12 in)
Rear wheel travel
150 mm (5.91 in)
Front brake
2 x 320 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Monobloc M4.32 callipers, 4-piston,
axial pump with Bosch ABS as standard equipment
Rear brake
245 mm disc, 1-piston calliper with Bosch ABS as standard equipment

Dimensions and weight

Dry weight
175 kg (386 lb)
Weight data refers to the dry weight of the motorcycle without
battery, lubricants and coolants for liquid-cooled models.
Wet weight
193 kg (425lb)
Kerb weights indicate total bike weight with all operating
liquids and a fuel tank filled to 90% of capacity (as per EC standard 93/93).
Seat height
805 mm (31.69 in)
1,435 mm (56.50 in)
90 mm (3.54 in)
Fuel tank capacity
16.5 l – 4.36 gallon (US)
Number of seats
Dual seat


Standard Equipment
Bosch ABS, LED position light and tail light, USB power socket, Passenger seat cover,
Flyscreen, DMS ready


24 months unlimited mileage
Maintenance service intervals
12,000 km / 12 months
Valve clearance check
12.000 km (7,500 mi)

Emissions and Consumption

Euro 4
CO2 121 g/km – 5.3 l/100 km


803cm³ Desmodue The Monster 797 is powered by the air-cooled 803cm³ Desmodue twin. Though inspired by the Monster’s roots, it is a modern, Euro 4 homologated engine, able to unleash 75 hp of maximum power at 8250 rpm. Characterised by 88mm bore and 66mm stroke, it has been designed to offer sheer enjoyment without ever proving difficult to ride. The 2 in 1 exhaust has been designed to guarantee optimum fluid dynamics and excellent heat protection for the rider and passenger. The engine of the Monster 797 is also competitive in terms of its maintenance intervals, with services required every 12,000 kilometres.

Exhaust system

The twin-cylinder engine of the Monster 797 has a single 50 mm diameter throttle body with two injectors downstream of the throttle, ensuring fluid distribution and precise control of the mixture strength taken in by each cylinder. The 2 in 1 exhaust has been designed to ensure optimal fluid-dynamics and excellent thermal protection for both the rider and the passenger.

Gearbox and clutch

The gearbox is 6-speed while the APTC wet multiplate clutch with cable control ensures a much lighter lever actuation and provides additional advantages of excellent modulability: incredibly useful when managing continuous starting and stopping in city traffic. Furthermore, the clutch is equipped with power torque limiting rear wheel hopping during downshifting.

Trellis frame

The Monster 797 has the traditional Ducati trellis frame in steel tubes. Essential, rigid yet at the same time light, it leaves the Ducati twin-cylinder on full display and, together with the steel tank, it is one of the characterising elements of the Monster. The frame combines perfectly with the double-sided swingarm fused in aluminium and thanks to the compact wheelbase of 1,435 mm ensures agility in traffic and stability at high speeds.


The 10-spoke wheels of the Monster 797 are in light alloy.
The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres are in made from double-compound technology to combine resistance during long trips with constant grip also during extreme leaning. These high-quality tyres apply Pirelli EPT technology (Enhanced Patch Technology) to maximise the contact area with any leaning angle and FGD (Functional Groove Design) to optimize performance in wet conditions. The dimensions of the tyre at the front are 120/70 ZR17, and 180/55 ZR17 at the rear.


The Monster 797 has a 43 mm diameter Kayaba fork with a 125 mm wheel travel at the front. The rear suspension has an adjustable Sachs shock, with spring preload and on extension on the left side of the bike connected without progressive leverage to the frame and fork. The rear shock system has a maximum wheel travel of 150 mm.

Braking system

The Monster 797 is equipped with a Brembo braking system, fitted as standard with Bosch 9.1 MP ABS system with internal pressure sensor. To ensure optimum performance while braking as well as maximum safety, the Monster 797 is equipped with Brembo radially mounted Monobloc M4-32 4-piston callipers which act on two 320 mm diameter discs with axial brake pump and integrated oil tank. At the rear there is a single 245 mm disc on which, just like at the front, a single Brembo calliper acts equipped with pads with sintered friction material to increase efficiency. This component ensures the most highly performing brake system in the sector, a trait which has always been characteristic of all Ducati bikes.


To ensure optimum performance in braking and maximum safety, the Monster 797 is equipped with a Brembo braking system, fitted as standard with Bosch 9.1 MP ABS system with internal pressure sensor. This component ensures the most highly performing brake system in the sector, a trait which has always been characteristic of all Ducati bikes.

LCD instrument panel

The Monster 797 dashboard consists of a large LCD high-visibility screen with the main and secondary indications. The unit provides information on speed, rpm, totaliser, trip1 and trip2, engine oil temperature and clock. It also possible to display average journey time and speed.

Headlights and indicators

The modern highly developed and technological headlight of the Monster 797 is integrated with the LED position lights. There is also an LED light at the rear. The Monster 797 includes the hazard warning lights function, which can be activated by pressing the designated button.